Can I breastfeed my child?

Yes, we have a comfortable area for you to breastfeed at any time.


Can my child bring a cuddly or a special blanket?

Yes, we provide all the bedding and wash this once a week but you are more than welcome to bring a special keepsake from home.


Can I bring a shusher? 



Can I bring our own special Food?   

Yes, even though we provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, you are more than welcome to bring in any additional food.


Are nappies provided? 

Parents provide nappies in bulk or daily



Parents must provide formula milk

Can my child’s own sleep routine be followed?

Yes, we try our best to respect what is best for your child’s routine


Does the Infant room practice primary caregiving? 

Yes, we are very passionate about primary caregiving, this is carried over to the toddler room with your child’s new primary teacher.

How can I correspond with my child’s primary caregiver? 

You can phone directly to the room, communicate on Story park with either your child’s primary caregiver or the Team Leader