Infant room – Tui 3 Months – 2 Years

There are two areas for Under 3’s and Over 3’s within the building. The Under 3’s area is divided into two rooms – The Tui Room (for those 3 months to 24 months) and the Kiwi Room (for those 2 to 3 years).

Our Infant and toddler care involves Primary Caregiving inspired by the RIE and Pikler philosophy, which encompasses respect as a focal point. The teachers care for each child’s dignity. They show respect and courtesy through the use of their words, and in the tone of voice. Full attention is taken during care moments to allow the child to build trust, respect and a positive outlook so they know that life is good, their world is safe and their existence is secure. Infant and Toddler Kaiako role modelling enhances respect for the environment, one another, and for Whanau.

In our infant ​(Tui)​ room we strive to always provide an environment that encompasses Manaakitanga – respect, generosity and care for others that our Tamariki thrives in. Central to our atmosphere is kindness and a sense of community. We believe our Tamariki and their Whanau deserve to walk in and out each day knowing that they are loved, seen and heard – a part of a family that grows together and helps one another always.

We are very proud of our 1:3 ratio within the Tui Room

Toddler Room – Kiwi Room 2 – 3 years

In the Kiwi room, we work collaboratively to create a home environment for your toddler. Secure in our warm, loving environment teachers meet the emotional well-being of each individual child. We promote self-help skills and children using the environment as their way to learn and grow. We have a variety of natural resources for the children to explore and learn alongside. Teachers encourage our tamariki to care for the environment and each other. We respect each individual child’s growth. We are proud of our multi-culture team and children.

Last but not least, we embrace and celebrate all walks of life.