How will you help my child settling into the centre?

We recommend at least three transition visits and teachers will liaise with you on how your child is doing and what we can do to support your child with settling into the centre.

What does my child need to bring each day?

A few changes season appropriate named clothes

A sunhat

Sunblock (if they sensitivity to some brands)

What if my child has an accident?

We log all accidents, and give you a copy of the accident report, any head injuries will be dealt with on case by case, all head injuries within the helmet area require a phone call to parents/caregivers

What before school ready program do you provide?

The preschool team with will liaise with your chosen school, and work together to find what skills and areas children may need to make this transition easier

How do I communicate with my child’s teachers?

At Tots building relationships with children and parents are at the heart of our practice and we have the best online tool for doing so, Storypark. Storypark is a private online forum that you can share with your family and friends the stories we write for your children during their time here. We print and display these stories in a book and this is there taonga (treasure) of their time at Tots on Triton. You are also more than welcome to call the centre or talk to the staff or head teacher about any queries you may have.