The over three area is divided into two rooms catering for 3 to 6-year-old children; junior preschool is in Rimu room, and preschool is in Kauri room.  With an extensive outdoor area we are able to extend children’s interest in nature and outdoor experiences. 

We recognise the importance of providing an inclusive environment that supports all of our children’s individual needs and interests and strive to do this through working in partnership with our children’s whānau/families. Exploring our cultural identity is a significant part of our curriculum. It is an ongoing and evolving process that is naturally influenced by our New Zealand culture, Te Tiriti O Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) and Te Whāriki, our New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum to produce a high quality programme that supports the holistic development of each child.

Play is an essential part of our everyday programme. Through play the children learn to socially interact with their peers and teachers, thus enhancing and extending their learning, growth and development.  We encourage respect and responsibility, not only for ourselves and others, but also for our environment. We have a passion for our natural world, offering a variety of natural resources to work with and surround ourselves with plants both indoors and out, using the environment as “the third teacher”. We also support and encourage independence through our daily routines which assist in aiding the children to become capable and confident constructors of their own learning.

Each child brings with them a deep curiosity that drives their interest to understand their world. The children are exposed to learning experiences, investigation and play situations which challenge their thinking, promote the use of problem-solving skills and create opportunities for negotiation, debate and discussion.  

We are very lucky to have an amazing outdoor area where children are able to interact with nature; growing fruit and vegetables and exploring our own pocket of native bush.