Centre Philosophy


Relationships are the core of our Philosophy. Tots are committed to consciously growing respectful and loving relationships for all. The relationship we build with your child is the most important part of our day. When a child feels known, appreciated and secure in their relationships here at Tots, they will be emotionally satisfied. This means your child will be ready to engage in quality play, which results in quality learning.

“There is a longing among all people and creatures to have sense of purpose and worth. To satisfy that common longing in all of us we must respect each other” – Chief Dan George.

We are committed to creating and providing an environment for our community that is safe, stimulating, loving, fun and caring. Tots on Triton aspire to build positive and reciprocal relationships in our community; our tamariki, their whanau, our teachers and our local community.

As a centre, we acknowledge, respect and honour Te Tiriti O Waitangi as the foundation document of Aotearoa by continuing to develop our understanding of Tikanga Maori and Te Reo Maori and to build connections with our local Iwi. The well-being of our children is essential, regardless of their personal circumstance, such as ethnicity, religion, gender, disability or cultural backgrounds. Regular communication with families is an integral aspect of our role as teachers, to ensure that we can work alongside each other for the benefit of the child.

At Tots on Triton, our teachers are guided and inspired, in our pedagogy by the principles of the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Wháriki, in our planning and assessment of our planning. As a multi-culture Centre, we celebrate inclusion and support the many different cultures within our Centre. We value family and have an open-door policy – Whanau are always welcome, any time of the day.

Our Infant and toddler care involves Primary Caregiving inspired by the RIE & Pikler philosophy, which encompasses respect as a focal point. We care for each child’s dignity. We show respect in the courtesy of our words, and in our tone of voice. Full attention is taken during care moments to allow the child to build the trust, respect and positive outlook to know that life is good, her world is safe and his existence is secure. Infant and Toddler Kaiako role model this respect for the environment, one another, and for Whanau.

“An authentic child is one who feels secure, autonomous, and competent. When we help a child to feel secure, feel appreciated, feel that ‘somebody is deeply, truly interested in me,’ by the way we just listen, we influence that child’s whole personality, the way that child sees life” Magda Gerber

 In our preschool rooms teaching practices are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach. We believe children are the leaders of their own learning, therefore play is an essential part of our daily routine. Each child brings with them a deep curiosity that drives their interest to understand their world. The children are exposed to learning experiences, investigations and play situations which challenge their thinking, promote the use of problem-solving skills, and create opportunities for negotiation, debate and discussion.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science” – Albert Einstein.

Ero Report

On this report:

  • 1 Evaluation of Tots on Triton Early Childhood Centre
  • 2 Information about the Early Childhood Service
  • 3 General Information about Early Childhood Reviews

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