Enrolment Special

Ten weeks at 50% discount

Enrolment Special

Ten weeks at 50% discount

Enrolment Special

Ten weeks at 50% discount

Enrolment Special

Ten weeks at 50% discount

Exploration and learning lives here… in an environment that is stimulating and challenging and where creativity is encouraged during your child’s crucial developmental years.

Led by an experienced team of highly skilled and nurturing teachers our environment reflects a genuine love for children.

Each child is viewed as infinitely capable, creative and intelligent. The job of the teacher is to support these qualities and to challenge children in appropriate ways.

Meals to Healthy Heart standard

Native Bush Nature trail

Purpose built facilities

Quality Teaching Staff

Reggio Emilia Approach

Story Park

Contact Julie, our Centre Manager today to book in a walk through of our centre

My daughter graduated from Tots in August 2018.  I just want to say a massive thank you for giving her the best start to her learning.

Last year she won the top award for over all academic excellence at Albany Primary for year one.

Her older sister also attended Tots and is doing excellent with her snowboarding

Thank you again. 


– Katie (2020)

My older kid graduated from Tots and my younger one is currently here. Teachers are always heart warming, happy and loving all the kids. Julie the new manager is making significant changes to the Centre with her experience and hard working.  Madhavi our room head teacher is very strict, responsible and also super nice. In the morning, she explains to me what my kid will learn and what my kid liked/experienced by the end of the day. The Centre has really good ratio at the moment. Kids are well looked after and I feel my kid become very independent and very happy every day. Now my kid is getting toilet trained with teachers help. Finger crossed that will success soon.

– Jess (Nov 2019)

I was very apprehensive to start Ozair at a daycare and I did my research.  I tried many day cares and then came across Tots on Triton through my husband’s work.  Ozair started in August 2018 and from day 1, it has been amazing.  Making me feel confident that my child is and will be looked after and that’s what a mother needs to know and tots have been doing great in that.

Hands down, they are friendly, caring, flexible and most of all Ozair, my son enjoys it alot :). Keep yo the good work!.


– Dija (2019)